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Shop prom dresses during our 50% off sale!!! Posted on 02 Mar 15:23

Hey everybody, don’t panic, new prom dresses are coming!!!!!

We just got back from a trade show and scored some dreamy looks for all of you gown shoppers!

We are anxiously awaiting the shipment, we might be more excited than all of you!

Meanwhile, we are in the middle of our annual 50% off storewide sale right now, including gowns and jewelry. These dresses on photo are all under $100!! If you are on a tight budget, now is the time to shop for sure.

The sale ends at 6pm on the 10th, don’t miss it. We will keep posting regarding the new dress shipment, stay tuned.

Halloween inquiry Posted on 06 Oct 16:43

       We’ve noticed that you all have been searching for halloween ideas, costumes or just regular items. We apologize for the lack of products we have on the website compared to what is in the retail store. It’s been a struggle managing both the store and webstore at same time.  We are in the grand scheme of things a little guy out in a big world!! But we are working on it...      
    Here are some solutions. We’ve created homemade catalogs of what we have as full set costumes. The categories are: characters, tv/film, fairy, spooky, military, witch, pirates, animal,etc. They are in our costume room for everybody to look at for inspiration and get an idea which costumes come with what kind of props. We are planning to list some of them on pinterest and instagram for your convenience  as well. Checkout facebook too.      During the costume season we put our focus on the retail store and face to face customer service. We have been finding that people are having as much fun shopping for their costume as going out in it!  Internet shopping is convenient but, come have fun with us instead.  Try on everything, give us your creative ideas, and let us help make your vision a reality!!  Remember, you can be ANYTHING you want!

Summer is full of fun Posted on 12 Jul 15:40

     Have any of you hurt or broken your fingers before?!! It hurts right?!!! I play roller derby so I hurt my fingers constantly. I learned that one of the best things you can do after icing them, is tape two fingers together. Yeah, the buddy system. You tape the damaged finger to its healthy neighbor and make 1 strong finger.
     The Buddy system is really effective not only when you damage your fingers but also during your summer fun. Music festivals, swimming, camping, late night dancing… summer is full of fun. Let’s keep it that way.
     Having matching outfits is one way to go, you can spot each other easier and it feels like having a teammate in a big open field with bunch of people. Having a colorful head of big hair/wig is also good idea. Matching shoes, not as much. We have a lots of fun festival items and buddy coordinates in the store!! Come in and let us help you or  just go have lots of fun but, stay together and be safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Gold Cowboy Boots Buying Tip Posted on 24 May 13:46


  Guess what everybody?!! It’s almost June and our prom season is over!!!!!

  Thank you very much everyone from everywhere for coming to visit and prom shop with us this year. We had a very good time and hope everyone had good time in the store and at prom too!!

  Okay, moving to summer!!! Cowboy boots are sexy in the summer in Burlington. They are perfect for dancing, shopping, weddings in the woods, music festivals, and of course jazz fest.

  Oh no! You don’t own a pair?! Or your favorite pair is worn out?!!!! Don’t worry, we would like to share some tips for finding a sexy pair this summer.

            1. Come to Old Gold! Did you know your feet are the smallest in the morning? Throughout the day, walking and standing causes your feet and ankles to swell to a bigger size. Therefore we believe the ideal boots shopping hour is 3pm. It’s not the smallest time and it’s not the most swollen time either.

            2.Choose whichever boots caught your attention and start trying them on. We would suggest to try on at least ½ size up and down from your regular shoe size, sometimes a full size up and down. Since all our boots are vintage, can already be broken in, and are from a variety of boots brands, sizes on the boots aren’t always as accurate as regular shoes.

            3.Make sure to try both feet before you make a purchase. Walk around store a little, not a lot, and show us some of your favorite dance steps. Please feel free to ask our opinion if you are not sure about them. We are known for our honest opinions.

            4.Looks is of course important but comfort is even more important in the cowboy boot scene. We usually have over 100 pairs of boots in stock between size 5 and 12. We won’t give up finding a pair of boots until you do.

            5. After purchasing your boots we recommend whispering a little Nancy Sinatra “Are you ready, boots? Start walking” then walk out the door.

     Come and get them, and let's have a sexy summer!!

Prom Tip Posted on 22 Mar 14:47

So, you think it'll be cheaper to order a dress online? Look at the photo on the left, pretty right? But the dress you'll actually get is the one on the right. It happens all the time, and we are here to save you! Whether you've already received your dress and it's not quite right or it's just not going to make it in time...we're here to help!

So, what you can expect shopping at Old Gold?!!

1. All dresses are treated nicely and gently.

 Each dress is carefully hand picked by us. When we pick we try and picture all different types of people in each dress. So we'll have dresses for every body. We usually get one of each size for each dress to make it unique and special, and try our best to carry size 0-16.

2. We track our sales.

 We keep track of which school each dress is at- even if it's out of state and country!!! We want your prom experience to be just as special as you do, so we make sure you will be the only one wearing your dress! More then one prom to go to? Just let us know, and we'll write it down for multiple schools.

3. Fair price

 We worked really hard this season to keep the price of our dresses  under $200. We know we can't beat online shopping, but it's best we can do as an independent small business, in small town, in small state. 

 We love helping our customers find the prefect dress. We love our unique dresses and it's fun to find right person for them. Want a one stop shop? We have tons of jewelry, accessories and masks to match your theme perfectly.

We also love to dress men up! Don't be afraid to send your date in and we'll make them look sharp, top to toe! And even if you order your dress online, and it turns out like the photo above, we'll try as hard as we can to help to make your prom a experience special!!! 

Annual 50% off Sale Storewide!!! This is in the retail store ONLY. Come see us! Posted on 08 Mar 12:37


 Spring might have come early in Burlington,VT this year, and it's just in time for our annual 50% off sale!  This sale's gonna be big time. So, why the sale?

Well,  the store opened in 1973 and we have been in same spot since; this should give you a good guess as to how many items we have in stock.  We cant keep all the treasures we have amassed just because we love them so much.  We need space to buy and bring in new things to love!!  We are also grateful to our customers who support our  local business endlessly and want to show our appreciation to them. The sale will be held from March 11th to 21st, for 10 days that include 2 weekends. Never been in the store?  This is a great excuse to visit!

The best party in Burlington!!!! Posted on 02 Feb 13:35

What makes Burlington, Vermont special besides Bernie Sanders and Phish?!!

    "Winter is a Drag Ball"!!!! It is a really big party that happens every year in the middle of the freezing Vermont winter.

     People love Drag Ball. Grandmas drop their walkers, grandpas leave their crusty old attitudes behind, mothers and fathers start looking for babysitters, glue guns will be sold out everywhere. Children dream about being 18 so they can go some day.

    This is how we get through the freezing cold winter. Old Gold has been an unofficial “Drag Ball” sponsor for a while and we have been loving it!!!!! . We laughingly believe we know everything and we know we have everything you need. Well, we have a lot of stuff and we can always come up with something, or at least we'll tell you a funny joke if you come down to the store.      

      “Winter is a Drag Ball 2016” will be held on February 13th this year and the theme this year is “Holidays”, any holiday you like or don’t like. Holiday in or Holiday OUT! Come visit us and let us complete your outfit dreams.

       One last important thing to remember, Drag Ball is a benefit for the People with AIDS Coalition!!!  Support, Support, Support!

Old Gold New Year Resolution Posted on 05 Jan 13:46

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