Annual 50% off Sale Storewide!!! This is in the retail store ONLY. Come see us! Posted on 08 Mar 12:37


 Spring might have come early in Burlington,VT this year, and it's just in time for our annual 50% off sale!  This sale's gonna be big time. So, why the sale?

Well,  the store opened in 1973 and we have been in same spot since; this should give you a good guess as to how many items we have in stock.  We cant keep all the treasures we have amassed just because we love them so much.  We need space to buy and bring in new things to love!!  We are also grateful to our customers who support our  local business endlessly and want to show our appreciation to them. The sale will be held from March 11th to 21st, for 10 days that include 2 weekends. Never been in the store?  This is a great excuse to visit!