Prom Tip Posted on 22 Mar 14:47

So, you think it'll be cheaper to order a dress online? Look at the photo on the left, pretty right? But the dress you'll actually get is the one on the right. It happens all the time, and we are here to save you! Whether you've already received your dress and it's not quite right or it's just not going to make it in time...we're here to help!

So, what you can expect shopping at Old Gold?!!

1. All dresses are treated nicely and gently.

 Each dress is carefully hand picked by us. When we pick we try and picture all different types of people in each dress. So we'll have dresses for every body. We usually get one of each size for each dress to make it unique and special, and try our best to carry size 0-16.

2. We track our sales.

 We keep track of which school each dress is at- even if it's out of state and country!!! We want your prom experience to be just as special as you do, so we make sure you will be the only one wearing your dress! More then one prom to go to? Just let us know, and we'll write it down for multiple schools.

3. Fair price

 We worked really hard this season to keep the price of our dresses  under $200. We know we can't beat online shopping, but it's best we can do as an independent small business, in small town, in small state. 

 We love helping our customers find the prefect dress. We love our unique dresses and it's fun to find right person for them. Want a one stop shop? We have tons of jewelry, accessories and masks to match your theme perfectly.

We also love to dress men up! Don't be afraid to send your date in and we'll make them look sharp, top to toe! And even if you order your dress online, and it turns out like the photo above, we'll try as hard as we can to help to make your prom a experience special!!!