Old Gold Cowboy Boots Buying Tip Posted on 24 May 13:46


  Guess what everybody?!! It’s almost June and our prom season is over!!!!!

  Thank you very much everyone from everywhere for coming to visit and prom shop with us this year. We had a very good time and hope everyone had good time in the store and at prom too!!

  Okay, moving to summer!!! Cowboy boots are sexy in the summer in Burlington. They are perfect for dancing, shopping, weddings in the woods, music festivals, and of course jazz fest.

  Oh no! You don’t own a pair?! Or your favorite pair is worn out?!!!! Don’t worry, we would like to share some tips for finding a sexy pair this summer.

            1. Come to Old Gold! Did you know your feet are the smallest in the morning? Throughout the day, walking and standing causes your feet and ankles to swell to a bigger size. Therefore we believe the ideal boots shopping hour is 3pm. It’s not the smallest time and it’s not the most swollen time either.

            2.Choose whichever boots caught your attention and start trying them on. We would suggest to try on at least ½ size up and down from your regular shoe size, sometimes a full size up and down. Since all our boots are vintage, can already be broken in, and are from a variety of boots brands, sizes on the boots aren’t always as accurate as regular shoes.

            3.Make sure to try both feet before you make a purchase. Walk around store a little, not a lot, and show us some of your favorite dance steps. Please feel free to ask our opinion if you are not sure about them. We are known for our honest opinions.

            4.Looks is of course important but comfort is even more important in the cowboy boot scene. We usually have over 100 pairs of boots in stock between size 5 and 12. We won’t give up finding a pair of boots until you do.

            5. After purchasing your boots we recommend whispering a little Nancy Sinatra “Are you ready, boots? Start walking” then walk out the door.

     Come and get them, and let's have a sexy summer!!