The best party in Burlington!!!! Posted on 02 Feb 13:35

What makes Burlington, Vermont special besides Bernie Sanders and Phish?!!

    "Winter is a Drag Ball"!!!! It is a really big party that happens every year in the middle of the freezing Vermont winter.

     People love Drag Ball. Grandmas drop their walkers, grandpas leave their crusty old attitudes behind, mothers and fathers start looking for babysitters, glue guns will be sold out everywhere. Children dream about being 18 so they can go some day.

    This is how we get through the freezing cold winter. Old Gold has been an unofficial “Drag Ball” sponsor for a while and we have been loving it!!!!! . We laughingly believe we know everything and we know we have everything you need. Well, we have a lot of stuff and we can always come up with something, or at least we'll tell you a funny joke if you come down to the store.      

      “Winter is a Drag Ball 2016” will be held on February 13th this year and the theme this year is “Holidays”, any holiday you like or don’t like. Holiday in or Holiday OUT! Come visit us and let us complete your outfit dreams.

       One last important thing to remember, Drag Ball is a benefit for the People with AIDS Coalition!!!  Support, Support, Support!