Summer is full of fun Posted on 12 Jul 15:40

     Have any of you hurt or broken your fingers before?!! It hurts right?!!! I play roller derby so I hurt my fingers constantly. I learned that one of the best things you can do after icing them, is tape two fingers together. Yeah, the buddy system. You tape the damaged finger to its healthy neighbor and make 1 strong finger.
     The Buddy system is really effective not only when you damage your fingers but also during your summer fun. Music festivals, swimming, camping, late night dancing… summer is full of fun. Let’s keep it that way.
     Having matching outfits is one way to go, you can spot each other easier and it feels like having a teammate in a big open field with bunch of people. Having a colorful head of big hair/wig is also good idea. Matching shoes, not as much. We have a lots of fun festival items and buddy coordinates in the store!! Come in and let us help you or  just go have lots of fun but, stay together and be safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!