About Us

We have been in business since 1973 in Burlington Vermont. We are local, owner run and carry a staff that has several years of knowledge under their belts. Our roots lie in the vintage market but as demand for unique and fun event clothing increased we added new apparel,costumes and accessories. 

When Old Gold opened forty years ago, we were selling military surplus and used clothing. Imagine a handlebar moustache, long ponytailed hair, Levi bellbottoms, and an Army field jacket.  Thirteen button wool Navy trousers looked hot and were hot! Halter tops and high waisted denim. Welcome to Old Gold!   

In the 80's a magical new fabric called lycra rocked the fashion industry and Old Gold too. Tight was right and we started selling new clothing. The blend of selling new and vintage has served us well in styling and costuming our customers so, we've kept it going.

The store now houses an extensive inventory of new costumes and accessories, formal wear, cowboy boots, and well, so much more! 

The amount of product on the site pales in comparison to what we have available, please call or e-mail if you are looking for something specific.  Rest assured, the extraordinary staff that runs the store will be maintaining the site and will give you the same sweet service you are used to.


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